Phòng Quản lý Đào tạo

The President’s message

After 50 years of establishment, from a uni-major training college, Vietnam University of Commerce has developed into a multi-major university with diverse and high-quality training programs to meet the social demand in the cause of international integration. Graduates from our University are highly appreciated in both professional knowledge and language skills. Especially, with their active, creative and confidence manners, many of our graduates have taken important leading positions in State offices, becoming key persons in the administration of economic – politic, cultural – educational activities of the country. This is an incomparable pride to our University.
To catch up with the trend of international economic integration, Vietnam University of Commerce has built up long-term development strategies to become the leading academic institution in training high-quality human resources in the fields of economics, trade, finance – banking, information technology, laws and languages to meet the demand of domestic and global labor markets; enhance research competence to become a reputable research centre.
To reach these goals, Vietnam University of Commerce has continuously renewed the teaching and researching activities. With a staff of over 400 lecturers with goodwill and enthusiasm, the University’s students have been equipped with professional knowledge, language competence as well as opportunities to participate in practical activities in businesses, local and international organizations.
Vietnam University of Commerce also sets to develop international training programs in cooperation with prestigious academic institutions from Republic of France, the United States, Canada, etc. to facilitate students to gain access to advanced education methods and study in an active, creative and dynamic international environment. The University’s students can also join in many cultural and educational exchange programs with international students via events held by embassies of Australia, Austria, Canada, South Korea, etc.
Our efforts have been well recognized by the society, as can be seen in the many honorable merits that the Government, Ministry of Education and Training have granted to the University such as Second-class Independence Medal (2008), First-class Independence Medal (2014), Labor Hero Title (2010), Certificates of Merits by Prime Minister, Minister of Education and Training, etc.
With the advocacy of quality – effective – creative – innovation training, we are confident that our University of Commerce will realize the dreams of our students to a higher horizon.
Professor. Dinh Van Son, PhD
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